London Bridge Trading MAS Grey LBT-0372P MK24 Laser Suppressor Right Hand Holster

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London Bridge Trading MAS Grey LBT-0372P MK24 Laser Suppressor Right Hand Holster

London Bridge Trading Company., LTD in VA Beach, VA USA

The H&K HK45C and HK45CT are close civilian approximations. This LBT MAS Grey holster is intended for the H&K MARK 24 / MK24 MOD 0 Caps and allows carry with stored Advanced Armament Corp. AAC Ti-Rant 45S suppressor in attached pouch or fitted to the H&K. Your H&K may also be equipped with the issued Crimson Trace Laserguard IR VIS.

Features of LBT MAS Grey Holster
* H&K 45 Cal w/ Laser and w/ Suppressor
* Modular Drop-Leg/Belt Holster
* Holster w/ Suppressor Pouch w/ Flap
* Open Bottom (Muzzle) for Suppressor
* Elastic Grip Safety
* Single Leg Strap
* Fabric with Vinyl shell liner
* Revision / Color LBT MAS Grey
* Note, holster has an extra box stitch below the trigger guard, specific for the .45 ACP H&K MK24.

LBT MAS Grey brief background by Vans
“After the Naval Special Warfare developed main camouflages “AOR1” and “AOR2” for desert and tropical environments, MAS (Maritime Assault Suit) Grey was introduced by London Bridge Trading as a color variance that would provide optimum environment blending for Navy SEALs to wear while conducting VBSS (vessel boarding search & seizure) and maritime operations.

Since shades of grey have a history of minimal identification and work well within most environments due to their lack of visibility/contrast across the color spectrum, Navy SEALs started utilizing “MAS Grey” for nighttime operations in addition to maritime operations. Developed originally for SEAL Team 6/Devgru, very few “MAS Grey” items were ever issued to Naval Special Warfare Operators (i.e Navy SEALs).”

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